I have been an esthetician and spa owner for more than 15 years. As much as I enjoy what I do I always know that this a job. If I won the lottery tomorrow I probably wouldn’t be working. But until that time I can honestly say I love what I do as an esthetician. I also love what I do as a trainer and coach. The question I get asked a lot is:

How can you make more money? Easy – You need clients!

I see you rolling your eyes. If you had a huge amount of clients you would make more money right? Yes, but at what cost? When you focus on who you want as a client you will earn more and be much more productive.

You need to target who you want as a client and be laser focused. It’s more than getting any client. It’s about getting your client. I know you’ve heard this many times but really think about your ideal client. Who are they?

Your ideal client loves your service. They come often and you feel like you’ve known them forever. Chances are the service they get done is your favourite to do. Why? You will excel with what you love doing and it shows. Hone your skills with this service and it will be your specialty. Customers will find you because you are the best!

Your clients are your best form of advertisement. They trust you and will share their experiences. The most important thing is they will share with people who will also appreciate your services! They are giving personal recommendations to your future ideal clients. Ask these best clients for testimonials about your service and post it on social media. Ask them to do FB and Yelp reviews. Most people are happy to help when they have a positive experience. By providing amazing experiences you will grow organically with the clients who best connect with you.

Think about asking three of your favourite clients for recommendations and keep track of what happens. Don’t forget to always thank your clients for their business. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Good luck with your sales and stay tuned for more tips.