Ever feel like you’re not good enough or that your clients can see that you aren’t confident in your skills? It’s a tough thing to handle when someone is paying and you’re supposed to be the expert.

You can’t expect to know absolutely everything about your profession and it’s OK to say so.

Clients appreciate being told that you will get back to them to ensure you are giving the correct advice and information. We all need a strong general knowledge of our professions. However, it’s best to focus on a small part (niche) of your overall business because you will become the expert. It will drive your sales and you will earn more money and have a stronger client base.

Think about what you love doing the most and who your best clients are. Chances are it’s where your knowledge is based and it’s where you feel most comfortable.

This week spend a little time learning something new about your profession in general as well some research about your niche. Let your clients know that you are working on improving your knowledge base for their benefit. Your confidence will grow and so will your sales. Good luck!