Do you give discounts or offers to new clients to bring them in? Do you ever get push back from your regular clients?

When your existing clients see offers that are for new clients only it often leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Your customers want to feel valued and appreciated. Yes it’s important to bring in new clients but don’t forget to offer your existing clients special perks for their loyalty.

Some ideas would be:

1) sending an email out just thanking them for your business.
How to make it better: Send a card out in the mail with a handwritten note.

2) Loyalty cards – stamp a card for every puchase/ service
How to make it better: When they complete their loyalty card they get the free service/ offer plus a hand written note and chocolate.

3) Support your clients – If they have local businesses selling things you use, purchase from them. They drive your business- you can help support theirs.
How to make it better: Use social media to recommend their businesses and they will do the same for you. Connect and swap gift certificates that you can give away in a draw to your clients and they will do the same for yours. Personal recommendations are the best way to get new business.