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My name is Connie Holm and I have been an entrepreneur from as far back as I can remember. As a child I helped my parents in our corner store gaining knowledge about sales, accounting and most importantly customer service. I’ve always had an interest in esthetics but did not take any courses until I had my first child over 15 years ago. I grew my business organically with very small start up costs. I was able to purchase spa furniture and supplies second hand and slowly built a clientele. One of my strongest traits is that I listen to my clients. I was being asked repeatedly to do children’s spa parties. I quickly realized that I was not charging enough to make it worth my while and started researching other mobile spa businesses. I saw there was a market out there and came up with our own unique party packages. We were the first in our area (and from all the businesses that I saw) to take group pictures of the birthday guests with props and print them for the guests to take home. I grew the mobile spa into a great business employing 7 part time staff and helping celebrate thousands of parties over 15 years. I recently sold the mobile spa to our lead esthetician at Dragonfly Children’s Spa which I’m happy to report is still successful.

I have built Spa Olivia to a successful business where we focus on a few key services.

Brazilian Waxing

Our most popular service is Brazilian waxing. There are not many estheticians who do this service and fewer who do the service well. It is a niche market but brazilians give us enough work that we could stop doing all other services and live solely on these. I even wrote a book about some of the funny stories that have happened in the waxing room which is available on Amazon! Don’t worry- The names and stories have been altered to protect the innocent and freshly waxed!:)

Bare Down There

I teach a one day and two day Brazilian wax course. You must have waxing experience to take this course as it is an advanced workshop. The training for this service is among the worst taught in school. We do a minimum of 3 brazilian waxes for the one day course and 6 brazilian waxes for the two day course. If you have some previous experience with brazilians and just want a refresher or to hone your skills choose the one day course. If you are new to brazilians or want to get the most practice with an experienced instructor then choose the two day course. To learn and be confident with this service you need a lot of practice. I promise you it is well worth it! Go to the course tab for more info.

Elleebana Lash Lifts and Belmacil Tints

Another very popular service we offer is Lash lift and tints using the Elleebana products. Having been trained in lash extensions years ago the lash lift has a much broader appeal for clients and they give our lovely ladies an instant change which they love. We enjoyed the Elleebana products so much that I have become a trainer for Elleebana and I can teach anywhere in Canada. Email me at info@rosegoldlearning.com for the next training date near you.

So how can I help you?

I have trained many estheticians over the years from co-op students to our staff for the mobile spa as well as other estheticians who just needed some help with their skills. I have had decades of experience starting businesses and building businesses. I have also been able to help clients build their own businesses. I wrote a course to help estheticians to help with their business development. You can find it at https://rosegold-learning.teachable.com/ The cost is $49 CAD plus HST. My goal for this course is to have you earn your money back many times over.

I am an expert in Brazilian waxing.

What makes me an expert? I have spent thousands of hours doing brazilian waxes over the years and that has earned me the nickname “The Vagician”. Since I book three-four Brazilians per hour I have done Brazilians by the multiple of thousands. When I train estheticians we discuss all kinds of scenarios, different body types and more.

Certifications and training

  • Milady– Master Educator Certificate (January 2018)
  • Algonquin College– Esthetics certificate
  • Elleebana Canada– Trainer certification for lash lifts and tinting
  • Butterfly Lashes– Eyelash extension technician
  • Simply Sugar– Sugaring certificate

Continuing education

  • Attending of ESI spa shows semi annually in Montreal and Toronto
  • Also attended a spa show in Ottawa as well as IECSC in Las Vegas
  • Social Impact for Business– Social media training for Facebook and Instagram
  • Shelagh Cummins- Business training master course
  • Lara Wellman- Business training seminars
  • Lisa Larter- Money, Mindset and Marketing seminar


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