When you understand your target customer it helps define your entire business. You know who to market to and it attracts the people who are best suited to you.

You can NOT be all things to everybody. To really succeed you need to narrow your focus.

When businesses are looking for growth we tend to take anybody and everybody just so we can earn some income. While that works in the short term it does not last long. Why? When you have clients who really are not a good fit for your business it ends of hurting you. They are often one time clients who could be satisfied with your service but don’t recommend you. You will need to spend time and effort replacing that client. You are so much better off focusing on the clients who will be thrilled with you and your services and will forward that info to their friends and family, essentially doing your advertising for you! Most successful service based businesses are best known for their niche or sweet spot. It doesn’t have to be only one thing but having a much narrower focus will make you the expert in the area driving clients to you. Once you decide who your ideal client is you can build your marketing to reflect this.

How do you know if your client is “ideal”?

Study your spreadsheets, programs or wherever you keep track of your appointments. Do you know which service earns you the most money? That means the cost of the service minus your hourly rate, your product cost, operating expenses and a profit for your business. What service is most popular? Your “ideal client” will be the one who loves this service. Ideally, we want your most profitable service to be your most popular service. Even if the profit is not quite as high as you would like, there are always ways to increase your hourly rate through add-ons and retail. Also you need to remember that when clients love your service and appreciate your expertise they will give you great reviews and drive more clients that are similar to them to your business. It’s a win-win.